Thursday, April 10, 2014

#1318 Mai art Call - I Belong - Who's handicapped - you or me?"


  1. Hi! I want to know if you have received Mail Art for "I BELONG" thema from Jean-Luc LACROIX (France).
    His Mail Art was sent on May 2014. I did not find your email. Thank you for your reply! I am his wife and artist' agent. All the best. NELLI

  2. Sehr geehrte Oliver C. Huck, sollte in ein paar kommen einige meiner Arbeiten für das Projekt "s Who Handiccapped tou oder mir Grüße Belong?

    John Bonanno (Italien)

    - Dear Oliver C. Huck, should be in a couple of days to get some of my work for the project "s Who Handiccapped come tou or I Regards Belong?
    Dear Regards, John Bonanno (Italy)