Sunday, November 20, 2011

#855 Mailout NOV - 2011

#854 Received from Guido Vermeulen - Belgium

This is my fisrt piece from Guido an IUOMA member. Thank you very much!!

#853 Received from the cut and paste King Rcbz - saint Clown USA

This is a Masterpiece from Rcbz and his digital friend Smith, they where bored and played digital ping pong and produced ''23 Skidoo!''. Thank you very much for this great work of DIGIART.Thank you both and cya in the mail.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#852 Received from Cousin Test Tower - USA

Thank you Cousin, miss ya Buddy !!!

#851 Das Leben ist kein Fahrad - Wolfgang Skodd - Germany

Danke Wolfgang !!

#850 Received from Janice Hartley - USA

Thank you Janis !!

#850 Received from Janice Hartley - USA

#849 Received from Caroline Krabbe - Espania

Thank you Carolin !!

#848 Mailart Call An Alzheimer's Awareness Exhibit

Mail Art to Remember - An Alzheimer's Awareness Exhibit

Please get involved in this Mail Art project! This Mail Art Exhibit apart
from being fun is also to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease and is being organized by Grade 7 student Jessica Brann. Alzheimer's disease has probably touched someone in your life - perhaps a grandparent, a friend or even a co-worker. Mail Art to Remember will run in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Art Among Friends Exhibition. All artists from around the world are invited to submit a postcard-sized piece of original artwork.

There will be no jury, no fees and no return of artwork - All received artwork will be displayed and viewed by approximately 1,000 visitors during the Art Among Friends weekend. (September 29th & 30th, 2012). All artists providing an email address with receive digital documentation after the event.

All Mail Art can be mailed to:

Mail Art to Remember
c/o Jessica Brann
69 Central Avenue
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Canada P5A 2G3