Monday, October 12, 2009

#130 - Received from Mauro Ceselli ITALY

Great abstract card it.
Card is going out soon.

#129 - Received from D. Kuri Naples Florida USA

Watch me pull a rabbit out of this Hat.
Thanks my friend, card will be on the way soon....just got back from the 4th dimension in Centralia Washington where i met up with the main man Test Tower from Heebee Jeebee Island. It is paradise for tired mail artist, to recover and gain new vibes.

#128 - Received Conny Vlaicu San Francisco USA

Dont worry about being Bitchy!
Thanks Conny...card will be on the way soon just got back from the 4th Dimension.

#127 - Received from Angela Behrendt Hannover Germany

Thanks for sharing the wine with me.

#126 - Received a special 50 from Roland Halbritter

Thank you very mucho Roland for the Potrait with sun shades wich i love.
It is like being 50 again.

#125 - Received Dr. Brignone Italy

Thank you for the wonderful Mail Art

Sunday, October 4, 2009